About Us

Coral View is a free software suite that enables you to transfer information from a Microsoft Excel worksheet – your infobase – to a mobile infobase on your Android device.

Updated info items can then be transferred back to your PC infobase via Gmail, Dropbox or any other software that can transfer a zip file.

Info items can be text, numeric values, GPS locations, notes, photos and documents.

Setting up your infobase on your PC is as easy as creating an Excel spreadsheet.

A simple infobase can be designed and transferred to your device in half an hour.

Why Coral View?

In nature, without a coral reef in place, storm waves can crash directly onto an unprotected beach and erode it.

In the same way, positive developments for you and your organisation can be threatened by incessant waves of change and a lack of information.

However, when a coral reef forms off a beach it deflects the storm waves back on themselves and reduces their strength, allowing a calm lagoon to develop and fringe the beach.

By creating and growing an ‘info reef’ of readily available, relevant and accurate information, you can create the same protective conditions for you and your organisation – a similarly calm lagoon.

Creating a Coral View Infobase on your PC, which you can take with you on your mobile device into the field, is as easy as updating a spreadsheet. Managing your Infobase is effortless, automated and electronic, and if you update any information in the field you can either email, Dropbox or share it back to the Infobase on your PC.

Say farewell to masses of paper records and hours of tiresome data capturing. Say hello to high-quality, safe and straightforward information and data management. Coral View is the simple solution you’ve been waiting for.

Company Info Contact Info
The Coral Reef Trust Email: coralview@coralview.software
SA Reg number IT 221/00

Collect data offline, out in the field

Easily transfer info in and out of the office environment

House info safely on your device until you have network

Works on Android only – the most affordable devices